Music’s in my Soul

It is believed that music has been around as long as human existence. Throughout its history, music has been a means for storytelling and expression of thoughts and ideas. Combinations of sounds and words that within an instant can make you smile, dance, or provide comfort. It is a universal language; a commonality across cultures, regions, and time periods.

I created this blog to talk about music and promote artists in a wide variety of music genres: indie, electronic, rock, pop, rap, etc. I want to introduce you to new artists and reintroduce you to the ones you know in ways you didn’t know. To build an appreciation for artists by showing you where they came from and their inspirations.

I am looking forward to sharing music that I enjoy and my thoughts with you.

One thought on “Music’s in my Soul”

  1. I’ll follow this blog…seems pretty cool! I play guitar so music moves me in a very deep way! It’s always nice to meet people who share my interests!

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