Tove Lo – Not On Drugs

Song: Not On Drugs by Tove Lo

Genre: Dance-Pop

Mood: Happy, In Love

About the Music: You might know this artist from her song “Habits” which today is number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. Tove Lo, pronounced “Tooveh Lu”, is a Swedish singer/songwriter who has written songs for artists such as Icona Pop. Her sound and music inspiration was sparked by her love of Nirvana and grunge when she was 12. From grunge, she gravitated towards the eclectic sounds of pop.

Personally, I love her music style and her lyrical content. She is bold and transparent; not afraid or shy to convey how she is really feeling and paints a vivid picture of her state of mind in each song. Even though she has stated she is not interested in being famous, I think she shows great potential. Her passion for what she does will lead her to a huge fan base and respect from her peers. Her most recent EP, Truth Serum, is a documentary of her most recent and heartbreaking relationship.

This song is about the burst of raw and exciting emotions in the beginning of a relationship. The euphoric feeling of being on “Cloud 9.” You lose a sense of reality and let go of your fears, allowing yourself to completely give in to the rush of happiness you feel. In the song, she sees new colors, lives in the sky, and even asks her significant other to join her – all while assuring them her elusive behavior isn’t the result of drugs, it’s the result of being in love.

Although she choked on paint and was blinded by smoke in the process, this music video was made to show how crazy and intense Tove Lo feels when she falls in love.




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