Smallpools – Mason Jar

Song: Mason Jar by Smallpools

Genre: Indie-Pop

Mood: Feel Good

About the Band: These up-and-comers are making head way into the music scene. The band got together in 2012 and managed to get their first hit song Dreaming a year later after it reached the number one spot on Hype Machine – which is pretty amazing considering it takes years for bands to get that kind of attention. They are compared to other bands like Phoenix, Empire of the Sun, and Passion Pit, all of which I like.

“We’re flattered that everyone is reacting the way that they are – we definitely didn’t expect the reaction to be this good.” – Smallpools frontman Sean Scanlon

I love this song. They do a great job of combining electronic pop with a folk twang sound that makes you want to dance. Most of all, I love how you experience a wave of emotions as you listen to it. I feel like the song is about looking back and reminiscing a time when you were happy, and although you might be in a better place now you find yourself missing those times – people and places that will always be great memories.

The music video is a brief documentary of the band touring and preforming. Some of the clips were moments they spent in LA, which is where they originally all met and formed the band. You can tell that they are a fun group who genuinely enjoy what they do.

If you like this song, you should check out their Smallpools EP.

Better yet – Check out their new song Killer Whales! I like it, it has a more 80’s/techno feel to it. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.

Check them out live: They are going on tour in October, so if you like click here for the tour dates and locations.


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