I’ve always had a passion for music. It evokes happiness, comfort, empowerment and other powerful emotions. The ability to put words to music in such a way that it touches you; the combination of which provides a sense of understanding to what you couldn’t put to words alone. It truly is an art.  I myself have dabbled in this art, but what I really enjoy is promoting bands and artists in the music industry.

Cambrya’s Edge was encouraged by the people in my life and inspired by my love of music. The name Cambrya is an alternative ego of myself – I’ve always had a passion for music but never had the courage to pursue it. This blog is a stepping stone to a journey I’m taking to get outside of my comfort zone and pursue what I love.

When I first thought to start a blog I decided I wanted to talk about music beyond what most people know. I want to discuss the lyrics, artists, music videos, etc. I want to take people past the “edge” of what they know about music on a superficial level to develop a deep appreciation for artists and their inspirations.

These two concepts together inspired me to name my blog Cambrya’s Edge. Hosting a blog website is very new to me. I have a lot to learn along the way but I am excited to share everything I love about music with you.

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My place to talk about Music: Songs and Artists that captivate and inspire me.

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