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Vincent Blake, Lucas Estrada ft. Stu Gabriel – Lover

Song: Lover by Vincent Blake, Lucas Estrada ft. Stu Gabriel

Genre: Electric · Indie-Pop

Mood: Chill · Feel Good


First, I want to say I know it’s been a while since I posted last. I took a little hiatus to work on other things, but I’m happy to say: I’m back! If you’re coming back after a long wait, I’m so excited you came back! If you’re a new comer, then I’m so happy you stopped by! My first Plug In post for 2017 is for this beautiful song.

I stubble upon this song and I decided today was the day I was going sit my ass down and make some time to get back to talking about what I love – Music. Not only is it energetic and catchy but it has such a great vibe that could make any bad day a good day and any good day a better day. Let me start by introducing you to the artists.

Vincent Blake and Lucas Estrada are both DJ’s from Stockholm, Sweden. Their collaboration with each other is so in sync it was “Tearin’ Up My Heart” to tell you about it. (Only those of you who lived through the 90’s will get that pun.) But a great beat is only truly appreciated when it is paired with a great voice. Stu Gabriel is a singer / songwriter / guitarist who, it turns out, is also from Sweden. I would say they had the right idea working together and they didn’t have to go far to spread this sweet jam across the ocean.

The song title Lover is a simple, beautiful and fitting name for this melody. I think the song is an ode to a strong passionate connection with someone, which the person who is singing does not want to end or stop – not even for a second. I think it is a song we can all relate to. I’ve always been someone who has loved with all my heart no matter what. Yes it has broken my heart a few times but it has also lead the way to incredible relationships and friendships. Your life should be filled with as much love as possible.

I love the whole song, but especially Stu’s voice and the guitar. You can check out more from him on his Youtube channel. I’m a sucker for guitars, which is why I am currently in the baby phases of learning to play myself. I tend to keep myself busy, always on to something new, so I’m hoping I keep it up!

In addition to all of this, I came across this song courtesy of The Vibe Guide. They have no idea who I am but I’m about to throw down some shout outs there way. They pretty much do what I do but on a whole other level. (Not trying to deter you from my blog – just sharing a good find!) They talk about music, interview bands, review albums and even have a podcast you can listen to. If you love music as much as me and are always looking for new artists or music to listen to, you should check them out.

Thanks for tuning in! Let me know your thoughts. I hope you guys enjoyed it ❤