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Walk Off The Earth

Genre:  Ska / Reggae / Indie Rock

Years: 2006 – Present

From: Burlington, Ontario

Alright – listen up – this is one band you really should know! I’ve been following these guys for a while and I have so much respect for them as musicians. They are a Canadian rock band and have made huge strides in their music. They originally started with no help from an agent or record label, making low-budget videos of covers and original songs. Since then they have created a flourishing YouTube Channel, tons of devoted fans, toured all over the world and signed on with Columbia Records. Pretty cool, eh?


Members: (left to right) Joel Cassady, Gianni Luminati, Sarah Blackwood, Ryan Marshall, Mike Taylor

Not only are they seriously talented musicians, they are constantly pushing the creative boundaries in their music and performance. I’m sure most of you might recognize them from their cover of Gotye’s song “Somebody I Use to Know” which got a lot of hype when it came out on YouTube in 2012. It was pretty incredible – the video features all 5 members playing the song on one guitar, doing different parts at the same time and all in one take – a process that took them a straight 14 hours to master! Just a small taste of this groups capabilities.

Most of their videos are in one take, which I love for several reasons:

(1) It takes a lot of determination, focus and skill to pull off since one take leaves very little room, 0% to be exact, for error.

(2) It looks dope! When you start to see all the intricate parts going on all at once it can leave you awestruck.

(3) It never gets old. They are constantly re-inventing the way they perform and put together music. It’s fun and inspiring to watch them. The only constants in their videos are the members and that they always sound good. They really set a different standard for themselves and it’s something they wholeheartedly embrace.

(4) The time… Oh-Em-Gee the time they put into their videos is crazy! I’m someone who actually pays attention and appreciates when people put the time and energy into something they love doing. It could be anything – in this case, you have to appreciate what they put together knowing that they put so much blood, sweat, and tears into it.

I recently stumbled upon an old interview with Gianni where he talks about the band first starting out:

“The reason why most of our videos are one cut is basically because I don’t know how to edit. When I first started off using an iphone and imovie, which is all I had, so we just decided we have to do it perfect. That’s where it came from and then it just kind of became a staple…” – Gianni Luminati

I found this both kinda funny and amazing at the same time –Why? Well, he probably could have learned or found someone to show him how to edit if he really wanted to… I meeeaannn, let’s be real, it would’ve saved them sooo much time in the long run. But that’s not what it was about. It wasn’t about how much time they could save or how much less effort they could put into it to “make it.” It didn’t matter that it was going to be more work because it wasn’t doing more work; it was doing more of what they loved. They accepted the challenge and turned it into their own benefit – it encouraged them to think outside of the box with their music and performance. The results are original, innovative and inspiring.

One of my favorite songs by them is Red Hands off of their R.E.V.O. EP. The music video is just as great; the band really brings energy and life into the song. If you watch the video a few times you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that it is actually all done in one shot! They had to plan timing and placement to pull off the fast-forward/rewind affect. The original idea for the music video was suggested by the director, Ellis Bahl, and despite the grueling process they pulled it off looking effortless.

“’Red Hands’ is pretty open to interpretation and will mean different things to different people. When we originally wrote the song, we were thinking about taking responsibility for your actions and standing up on your own when things go wrong … rather than blaming other people around you. Sometimes you just have to accept the circumstances that are thrown your way without pointing the finger.”  – Gianni Luminati

Another reason why I like them is because aside from skill they have substance. They put thought and meaning behind their music. So what’s behind “Walk off the Earth?” I’m always curious how a band or artist picks their name – The origin/the meaning. Unlike your real name you have a choice as an artist or band to choose what people know you as. So out of all the options how do you pick one you want people to identify you as? At first, I wasn’t able to make the connection with the name “Walk off the Earth” and how it tied to the band, but once I found out the meaning behind it, the concept blew me away:

“More than anything else, it’s a state of mind. When you’re deeply entranced by a collection of musical compositions and your day-to-day stresses become a lot less bothersome, you’re walked off the earth… You let the pulsing rhythm, the soaring melodies and the lush harmonies take you away to a place where nothing can affect you. Walk off the earth with us!” <– This… I love this!

I was super excited when their new single Rule the World came out about a few weeks ago. The music, the lyrics, the meaning, the video – just everything about it is so well put together. If I had to choose a “mood” is for this song, it would be “Ruling the World.” It just gives you such a happy and motivated feeling – like you can conquer anything! In my opinion the song is about taking risks and pursuing your passions despite what other people think or obstacles are in your way. If you have the determination and work hard, anything is possible. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. Life is too short and valuable to deny yourself the chance to find out what you are capable of.

My theory – the song is a testament to all the band has been through over the years, all the time and hard work, and how far they have come together.

If you like these songs you should definitely check out their YouTube Channel: Walk off the Earth

AND lucky you, they are currently on Tour!  ——–> Click here for Tour Dates and Locations

Download Rule the World on iTunes: Rule the World – Walk off the Earth